40th Anniversary Open House Reception

Our 40th Anniversary reception had a great turn out. Nia:wen ko:wa to everyone who came.

President of the Board of Director’s, Irving Papineau, spoke about the Cultural Centers history, where it began and where it is now, the many changes throughout the years and how the Cultural Center is staying relevant today. Director Glory Cole told everyone about all of the updates and great programs happening in both the Library and Museum, mentioning the new computer lab that will be donated from the St. Regis Mohawk Tribe and encouraging everyone to take a look at the Wolf Belt, on permanent exhibit in the Museum. Sue Ellen Herne, the Project Coordinator of the Museum, touched on the project in the works for an Archive/Museum building. If you would like to see the plans and drawings of this new building, please stop in at the Library.

It was great seeing alot of the Cultural Centers past staff, directors, board members and others who helped get the project started in 1971. Both Dr. Wells and Minerva White, two people instrumental in getting the library off the ground, came out to celebrate.

Take a look at photos of the evening in our Gallery!

Again, nia:wen to everyone who stopped throughout the day and we can’t wait to see you at our 50th!

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